Mooikloof Classes & Fees

Class TypeAdvanced Payment RateDrop-In Rate
Group MatR100 ppR120 pp
Equipment Group (4-5 people)R160 ppR170 pp
TrioR190 ppR200 pp
DuetR200 ppR220 pp
IndividualR300 ppR320 pp
Individual (Pensioner)R260 ppN/A
BootyBarreR120 ppR140 pp
Kiddies PilatesR120 ppR100 pp
Pole ArtR120 ppR140 pp
Aerial HoopR120 ppR140 pp
ReboundR120 ppR140 pp
Adult BalletR120 ppR140 pp

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Payment Terms
  • We encourage clients to pay for classes in advance. Advance payment qualifies for a discounted rate and it limits the administration with each class.
  • All credits will be valid for 3 years from date of payment. We encourage all clients to make use of any credit within the month to experience the full benefit of Pilates. We will even accept a friend or family member to join in your place to make use of the funds.
  • The ‘drop-in’ class fee will apply for any classes that are not paid in advance or any outstanding class fees. No classes on credit
  • No classes can be booked until any outstanding amounts have been settled. No classes on credit.
  • In the event that the client attends a class not specific to the type bought in advance,  the applicable class fee will be charged for the type of class attended. The balance will be corrected with the purchase of the next advance payment.
Studio Policies
  • Booking is essential for ALL CLASSES, this includes GROUP MAT CLASSES.
  • Any class on a public holiday will be on special arrangement between instructor and the client/s.
Cancellation of Classes
  • Cancellation (for any class) must be done 24 Hours in advance, failing which the full class fee will be charged.

Duet & Trio Classes
  • Should a client cancel a class with more than 24 hours’ notice (early cancellation), the remaining client/s will be charged for the type of class attended i.e. INDIVIDUAL or DUET class fee. We urge DUET and TRIO groups to confirm class attendance in advance. Alternatively the class type can change to an EQUIPMENT GROUP CLASS with no effect on class fees.
  • Class cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice (late cancellation) will be charged according to the booking. Please contact the studio or your instructor directly to notify them of any cancellation.