So we have started our Pilates Journey with “From Zero to Hero” And now it is time to spice it up with all the great small accessories that come with a Mat Pilates Class.

Start this 10 Week Pilates Series is presented by Theo Botha, Principle Pilates Instructor and an expert in her field for the past 20 Years.

This series is ideal if you have felt a bit board in your Mat Classes or if you are just looking for something to hold you accountable as we leed into the colder months.

And of course, if you are a seasoned Pilates Student or Instructor, this series will be a great way “Bling Up” your Pilates Practice with Theo’s contagious energy and creative passion for the craft.

“You cannot put a price on aging pain-free” – Theo Botha

This series is Presented Online and In-Studio at Body Intellect Brooklyn. 

Tuesdays @ 12:00 (GMT+2) starting on the 12th of April 2022

Because each class is Online it will be recorded and recordings will be sent to all signed up where you will have access to rewatch the class for 6 Months.

To attend these classes Online you will need:

  • A strong internet connection
  • A Mat, Foam Roller, Theraband, Small Ball, Big Ball, Pole, Wall, Magic Circle, Towel, Hand weights, Box/Chair as each class will make use of a different accessory.

If you are attending these classes in-studio at Body Intellect Brooklyn, all accessories will be provided.

If you would like to acquire some of these accessories for your home practice, please contact the Studio as we sell a wide range of small accessories and are able to courier them country-wide.